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"My goal for this organization is to help you discover the uniqueness of the Filipino Martial Arts! To show you is one of the best ways I know how. Through this affordable membership fee and our online university, I can do that consistently, wherever part of the world you're in. Thank you for being part of our Philippine Martial Arts Alliance family. Your membership subscription supports our organization to grow more! The more we grow, the more we can give and influence others. Mabuhay!

- Guro Melegrito -


Full access to Philippine Combatives Fundamentals Curriculum Video Lessons!

1 year eligibility for rank certification with PMAA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be a PMAA member to rank in the system?

A: Yes, your PMAA membership comes with your eligibility for the PMAA ranking in the Philippine Combatives System.

Q: Who can benefit from the annual membership?

A: If you are a student in one of our charter schools and plan on getting your black belt in this system, you can definitely benefit from this annual membership special. If you are already a PMAA black belt student, then it is even more beneficial to do this since you've already invested the time to get to your black belt rank. You will more likely move forward to a bigger goal and role in this art.

Q: I am an online student and currently paying for a subscription every month. Do I still need to register to be a PMAA member?

A: Yes. The fundamental course is the PMAA beginner's curriculum which is essential to moving to the next phase of your training curriculum. This course can only be accessed when you become a PMAA member. Also, please note that PMAA gradings and ranking certifications are only issued to PMAA members.

Q: What happens if I pay for a annual membership and I end up relocating?

A: Your PMAA membership will remain active, and you can continue to transfer to any PMAA charter school near you or continue learning through our PMAA Online University.

Q: Will there be additional fees for doing online training and accessing my PMAA curriculum requirements?

A: If you are a student in one of our Charter (Affiliated) Schools, you are able to access your Philippine Combatives online for a very minimal fee. Please talk to your instructor for details.

Q: Will this be the same curriculum I am being taught at my charter school?

A: All charter schools are independently running their own cycles and curriculum may vary from school to school. Although most PMAA charter schools follow the same curriculum being taught at the HQ, your school might be running a different one. Speak to your instructor for details on what curriculum section you are currently in.

Q: What option do I have if I don't want to pay for an annual membership?

You can do the 10-Year membership and save 50% by clicking here and enjoying the same benefits for 10 years.

Q: I don’t have the full amount for the annual membership right now but would like to take advantage of it. How can I move forward?

A: You can message the PMAA HQ and we can put you in a payment plan.