Color Belt Student Subscription Program

$69.00 / month $37 /month

This program is available only to PMAA Charter School Students. These are the students who are already enrolled in one of our official PMAA Chartered Schools listed on our website.

The PMAA Color Belt Student Subscription Program includes:

  • Facebook Messenger Support

  • Special Informative VLOGs

  • Early Bird Special Offers & Discounts

  • Special Member's-Only Tips & Scoops

  • Access to PMAA HQ Official Current Color Belt Curriculum Section Online!

  • PMAA Membership & Eligibility To Test And Rank In The Philippine Combatives System

  • Future Revisions (If any) Of That Particular Curriculum Section Included

This is a discounted subscription special monthly program. The curriculum changes every three months as you rank in the system.

You may cancel this subscription anytime with 30-day notice.

If you want to learn our system exclusively via this PMAA Online University,
please select the Online University Student Subscription Program.